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MA Visit to Aylon Lyceum | 22.12.23

🎄With the Christmas break just around the corner, MA DigiDCL is wrapping up its online classes, with a special in-person meeting.👇

On Friday, December 22 at 17:30, we invite our students in Athens to join us for an immersive philosophical experience at the interactive exhibition Democracy and Eudaimonia (Athens Conservatoire, 19 Vas. Georgiou Ave.).

The exhibition is hosted by the Aylon Lyceum, a state-of-the-art place developed by the Ministry of Culture and the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” fostering technology driven cultural experiences on ancient Greek philosophy.

The exhibition “Democracy and Eudaimonia” encourages reflection and dialogue on the interplay of the two concepts, exploring ever-present ethical questions in the light of the emerging technological paradigm of AI.

🍻A 'meet & drink' Christmas party will be following at the Johnny Deppy Bar in Cholargos (Ventouri 1A).

We look forward to seeing you in person and having a casual get-together just before we say goodbye to the year.🔥