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Digi-DCL and BBDO Join Forces: A Powerful Partnership for Digital Communication

⚡️💜We are thrilled to announce our new #DigiPartnership with BBDO Communication Group, member of the world's most award-winning advertising agency network, BBDO Worldwide!

🤝BBDO Communication Group and the ΜΑ in Digital Transformation: e-Diplomacy, e-Campaigning & Digital Law (Digi-DCL) of Panteion University have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on matters of Communication in the Digital Environment.

📌The collaboration focuses on key areas of Digital Communication: Campaigning, Branding, Immersive Media, Experiences, and PR – all utilizing the latest emerging technologies.

The main objectives of this collaboration are:

✅The exchange of expertise, documented knowledge, theoretical elaborations and research experience,

✅The connection of research and digital innovation with the labor market, and

✅The exchange of educational and practical knowledge between the two Parties.

🟣 Professor Vassilis Hatzopoulos, Director of the MA Digi-DCL said:
"Digi-DCL is a modern Interdepartmental Master's Program in the modern field of digital communication and we are particularly happy about our collaboration with the BBDO Communication Group, through which a significant added value is created for our students."

"This collaboration ideally supports the commitment of Panteion University to function as a hub for generating new knowledge, to cultivate interdisciplinarity and extroversion, and to promote the quality interconnection of academic and research activity with the market".
🟣 Mr. Tasos Prasinos, President and CEO of the BBDO Communication Group said:
"We are very happy for this excellent and mutually beneficial collaboration that we are starting with Panteion University. This initiative is part of our strategy of unwavering commitment to leveraging new scientific tools and applied practices in all areas of communication that we serve through our diverse specialized business lines."

"It is an ideal framework for the exchange of educational and practical knowledge in which the BBDO Group contributes with the experience and know-how of our executives, as well as with innovative methods, tools and practices from the Greek and global markets, through our international Omnicom family Group".
The collaboration with BBDO Communication Group is already underway! Students in the Digital Strategic Design Communications course, led by Associate Professor Betty Tsakarestou (Director of ADandPRLAB and Associate Director of the Master's Program), have their first three workshops with BBDO - delving into Advertising Strategy, Media Strategy, and Public Relations Strategy.

🔥 The momentum continues as our students will have the opportunity to learn directly from industry experts at BBDO Athens HQ during two upcoming live sessions.

🔜Stay tuned for more exciting developments from this dynamic partnership!