About the Program

The Master of Arts in Digital Transformation: e-Diplomacy, e-Campaigning and Digital Law (MaDigiDCL) is an innovative and interdisciplinary postgraduate program offered jointly by the Departments of Communication, Media, and Culture and International, European and Area Studies of the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.

It's an international, English-language degree offering three specializations in e-Diplomacy, e-Campaigning and Digital Law. It focuses on the new developments and applications of 4th and 5th generation digital technologies and the corresponding transformations in the digital economy.

Our innovative teaching approach adopts a multi-dimensional design, and experimental framework to explore possible future scenarios catalyzed by immersive 4th and 5th generation technologies. Through workshops, bootcamps, and hackathons, our students are encouraged to co-create public policies and digital solutions that address real-world challenges in the digital age.

Courses are designed in a multi-modular way, using technical and digital blended learning tools, combining cutting-edge research and theoretical thinking, and involving participants in real-world problems (challenge-based learning/learning by doing) and in co-designing solutions with positive impact (design sprints).

The Structure

The program begins with a kickoff Bootcamp (onsite event) , followed by a common first semester that introduces students to digital innovation, algorithmic thinking, and related dilemmas in governance, business, communication, law, and citizenship.

In the second semester, students choose one of three pathways:



-Digital Law

The semester ends with a Hackathon in which all students participate.

The third semester is flexible and allows students to do an internship with cooperating public or private institutions or third parties, to initiate a specific project or to write a Master's thesis. During this semester, student mobility is strongly encouraged through Erasmus+.

Who Should Apply to Digi-DCL?

The MA program is designed for second-cycle graduates with a solid background in International Studies, International and European Law and Governance, Communication and Media, Data Science, Computer Science and related fields.

Digi-DCL is designed for current and future professionals. Individuals with professional experience in any of the three specializations are eligible, regardless of their initial degree.

It also welcomes researchers and leaders interested or experienced in public administration, policy, entrepreneurship, professional communications, international affairs, diplomacy, advocacy institutions, NGOs, and social change.

The program actively seeks participants from Greece and other countries, promoting the expansion of current international collaborations with universities and organizations abroad.

4 Reasons to Join us

✅Our program primarily offers virtual classes for your own flexibility and convenience.

✅Each year, we organize short, interactive onsite events, including bootcamps and hackathons, to provide you with hands-on, out-of-the-box learning experiences.

✅Our program is dynamic, constantly updated with the latest practices, and encourages experimentation with real-world scenarios.

✅We are proud to have an international and diverse team of academics and industry experts at our side. Our program is co-creative at its core. That's why we firmly believe that talented, diverse professionals can build great things together.